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Santa Claus Hostel is "the hypotenuse of the triangle of Frederick", that lies along the major artery, that links the three pillars created during Frederick II of Swabia Age (in Apulia Frederick has had long time  passed). In the fact, a series of his residences (Castello Svevo Bari and Trani, Castel del Monte Andria in Alta Murgia, Museo Civico in Foggia, and the Federiciano Castle in Barletta) are visited by thousands of tourists from around the world and natives, and that make  of Apulia one of the milestones in the Italian architectural, historical and cultural landscape.
If Arco S.Pietro is located on the hipotenuse of Fredrick’s Triangle  the rising of the thirteenth century Castello Svevo a. C., other sides this Triangle, (that "cateti" in Italian speech are called), are: the Basilica of St. Sabino (First Patron of the Town of Bari), and the Cathedral of St. Nicola (official patron of the Town), both of Romanesque style, typical of all the cathedrals in the territory of Bari.
Located in the heart of the Town, the Santa Claus Hostel is strategically located opposite the commercial Port, Ferry and Cruise terminal, only 5 minutes from central station far, and 15 minutes from city airport in order to promote maximum tourists and backpackers from all over the world who visit our itinerant hostel.
In fact, just this is the most important feature of this "comfortable" hostel, which distinguishes it from others in the area: depending on your needs and habits, we create more solutions to best meet your needs, through three accommodations inside the Santa Claus Hostel and B&B, to ensure our guests a short tour historical and cultural "free" of the Ancient District, who is a pearl of our Town, of which the people of Bari are proud.
Bari is one of the pearls of the Adriatic, rich with history, culture and tradition. Our milestones are: the beach, nice weather, welcoming town full of kindness and warmth, a wonderful Mediterranean cuisine from medieval origins, and architectural style, such as the Apulian Romanesque, envied  by the rest of the world!Come to visit us! It will be evocative and interesting!
Santa Claus Hostel and  B&B is most central hostel for travellers on a budget of Bari. Why go home?