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Santa Claus House is located in the heart of historic and cultural centre of Bari in Arco San Pietro 4, a small artery of Piazza San Pietro dislocated just in front of City Port - Ferries and Cruise Terminal - in which there’s one of the most charming flea markets and antiques oldest in the town.
Just follow the up-hill called “Strada Porto Nuovo” in front of Port Exit, you will reach Piazza San Pietro and then search for a small arch, called “Arco San Pietro” next to the Caffe’ San Pietro.
Follow otherwise the stairs in front of Port Exit and then you will straight reach Arco San Pietro.
At your arrival in Bari, to come to 
Santa Claus House, you can climb through stairs or you can choose to path along the walls, so-called "Muraglia".
Santa Claus 
House the onlysuggestive and cheapest hostel and B&B of the area, is located just in front of city port (ferries and cruise terminal), at 4 minutes from train station (by urban bus number 20/) and at 15 minutes from airport (by urban bus number 16).
Do not forget that you have to follow directions “Backpackers” and our mascots “The Barese Polyp”.
Do not forget to call us and we will pick you up with our private shuttle!

Arco San Pietro4
, 70122 Bari, Italy
In front of Ferries and Cruise Terminal

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Phone   +39 3381744695   +39 3481615886